Brace Yourself with Legacy Food Storage For Disasters

Calamities caused by the wrath of nature and man’s greed have encouraged more people to get ready. It is horrible to watch on television the devastation caused by the super typhoon Haiyan that left thousands of families homeless and an estimated death toll of 6,000 in the central part of the Philippines. Most of the victims were not prepared for the consequence brought about by the world’s strongest typhoon that ever happened in 2013.

Preppers are warning of more disasters to happen in the coming days, and the reason why they are the most prepared people in the world. Aside from preparing where to hide during the most terrifying day, they are hoarding food that will last for months to a year. But most of their food supplies are canned and packed foods that consist of sardines, sausages, corned beef, meat loaves, and instant noodles. These foods are high in preservatives and they are prone to ptomaine poisoning.

Food storage from a qualified and tested company guarantees customers with bacterial free contamination and great tasting gourmet foods that meet international standard. Legacy food storage has been around for more than 20 years servicing customers with various food packs for breakfast, entrée, side dishes, drink mixes, soups, chili mixes, and pasta dishes that are yummy to the palate. The meals do not have food coloring, preservatives and they are safe for the health.

The company is known for its untarnished record in storing food for emergencies such as freeze-dried and dehydrated food. The meals are prepared with the best ingredients to bring out the flavor and aroma to satisfy their customers’ taste buds. Their taste is exactly similar to what is being served in a first class restaurant. They are meant to serve their purpose in case the community is flooded or hit by a strong quake.

The meals have a long shelf life and their packaging is excellent. They are packed in plastic air tight buckets that are re-sealable and Mylar pouches that are laden with nitrogen and oxygen absorber to keep the food’s nutrients intact. They are convenient to carry when there is a need to relocate to the evacuation center. The food storage company assures customers that the food flavor and shelf life can last up to 25 years! Customers should not worry about the plastic buckets because they are free of bisphenol A which is believed to cause harm to the brain and prostate gland especially in children.

Food storage meals from Legacy are easy to prepare during an emergency. It will only take a few minutes to wait after stirring each serving in 1 1/2 cups of boiling water. Not only that, they are also the perfect companion for outing, camping and picnicking. Busy people are glad for the company’s mission and vision in providing superb delicious, safe and affordable ready-to-eat meals.

True to its name, Legacy has left a heritage that they can be remembered by the next generations of people who will be facing more challenges as the world is no longer safe to live in. Preparation for untoward incidents with food storage should be instilled in the mind because no one can tell what lies ahead.

Posted by Patricia R. Harms.

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